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MUDr. Vojtěch Slezáček

Dental surgeon and implantologist

Dr. Slezacek was born in Jindrichuv Hradec.
He graduated from Palacky University in Olomouc and since 1999 he has specialized mainly in the fields of periodontology, implantology and dental prosthetics.
He regularly attends trainings and seminars both in the Czech Republic and abroad.
He also works as a periodontology consultant-specialist in many private practices throughout the country.


MUDr. Kateřina Vítková

dentist, specialist in microscope treatments

Dr. Vitkova is working as a dentist for more than 5 years and focuses primarily on aesthetic dentistry and endodontics.
She has been using an operating microscope for her work and she is also a member of the association ProMikro associating doctors who has been using the Microscope.
In her spare time she likes cycling and traveling.


MUDr. Bořek Slezáček



MUDr. Ladislav Kocman


Dr. Kocman graduated from Charles University Medical Faculty, Prague in 1978.
He then decided to specialize in Orthodontics and finished the program in 1985.
Since then he has gathered a lot of experience in treating orthodontic anomalies as well as followed new trends in the field.


MDDr. Tereza Buchtová


She graduated from Charles University Medical faculty in Prague. She specializes in restorative dentistry of adults and kids. She also focuses on preventive dentistry which integral part is a dental hygiene. In experienced team of Dental office she would like to gain new skills in the fields of oral surgery, implantology and microscopics endodoncy. In her free time she likes spending time in nature.


MDDr. Jakub Šubín


He graduated from medical faculty of Charles University in Pilsen.
He is a member of the dental team in the Dental Office since 2010 He focuses on restorative dentistry and surgery.
His hobby is his work.


MDDr. Václav Matoušek


Vasek graduated from Charles University Medical Faculty in Prague. He focuses mainly to restorative dentistry and oral surgery. In his free time he likes doing sports and cooking.


Lucie Hronková, DiS.

Dental hygienist

Lucie is an experienced dental hygienist trained according to international standards.
She will provide your routine hygiene and instruct you in your daily dental hygiene.
She also specializes in tooth whitening.
She believes in the Brite Smile Company slogan - “You never get a second chance to make a first impression“ so why not try it!


Klára Jedličková, DiS.

Dental hygienist

Klara is an experienced dental hygienist.
She has been American mentored and trained to provide the highest level of dental hygiene care.
She will provide your routine hygiene and instruct you in your daily dental hygiene.


Lucie Havelková, DiS.

Dental hygienist

Lucie was born in Prague where she also graduated from medical school.
She had first encountered dentistry in 2005 when she began working as a dental surgery assistant.
She gathered a lot of experience in implantology, prosthetics and perio.
After successful studies at the private College of Dental Hygiene in Prague she has become a professional dental hygienist.
Her sensitive attitude will prove to you that even a visit at the dentist can be pleasant.


Milada Gessnerová

dental assistant


Kateřina Sechovská

head nurse

Katka is a nurse with many years of experience with dental treatments.
She ensures that patiens are comfortable and well looked after during their treatment.


Jana Vrzalová

Assistant - reception

Jana is a graduated physiotherapist with 2 years training at Physiotherapy department in Prague. After she had finished her physiotherapy training she left to Great Britain. There she was working as an Assistant at Customer Service for several years. After her return back to Czech Republic she has started working as an Assistant of Customer Service at Dental Office H33.


Bc. Šárka Janšová


After graduating from the high school she went to England where she stayed for almost two years.
In England she gained a lot of practical experience.
She has just finished studying International Commerce at the Metropolitan University of Prague.


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