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What is periodontitis?

Periodontal disease is the dental tissue, which is manifested especially in the area of the teeth. It most commonly affects the gums, supporting bone and ligamentous suspension entire dental apparatus. Paradont is the name of tissue that strengthens the tooth in the jaw hence the name of the disease.

Stages of periodontitis

1. slight inflammation of the gums (gingivitis)

2.strong inflammation of the gums and tooth supporting apparatus (periodontisis)

3. Massive inflammation

1. The plaque is building up at the edge of the gum, gum is inflamed and it starts to bleed 2.The edge of the gum come off the tooth and bacteria can spread, plaque adheres firmly to tartar and it leads to loss of bone. 3. Gums recede, bone and support apparatus further decreases, the tooth is released and drops.


Periodontitis is one of the most common dental disease. Periodontal disease is usually around the 30th of speech year of life and affects up to 90% of people. The emergence of this disease most often caused by bacteria that are deposited in the oral cavity of the patient. Untreated periodontal disease is dental disease that leads to tooth loss.

Reason of periodontitis

The consequences of this disease is a bacterium that produces toxins in the mouth. Bacteria are multipling in the space between the teeth and gums and cause dental plaque. If plaque remains seated in the interdental space and begin to form minerals of which arises tartar. Tartar is the ideal foundation for creating another layer of plaque. This layer strongly adheres to the tooth surface, usually not enough common domestic hygiene, it is necessary to use professional dental hygiene.

Treatment of periodontitis

The best treatment is prevention against periodontitis. It is very important to visit the dentist regularly. Adherence to dental hygiene, removal of plaque and tartar. It is also very important to clean between the teeth.

When first diagnosed level periodontitis, appropriate treatment can stop this condition. Higher level can then be slow surgery. Our specialists are highly experienced in the treatment of disease and periodontal disease using a successful method to improve the course of disease.

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