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Unequal treatment of teeth and jaws using braces of different terminals and has become part of modern life and aesthetic appearance. At our clinic, we provide different kinds of braces at different ages. With braces you create a perfect smile and you`ll feel better, both in personal and in professional life. Braces are divided into two basic groups on the fixed and removable braces.

Removable braces

Can be used to treat mild defects předcvičení to correct bite, or to maintain the current outcome after treatment with fixed appliances. They are mainly used in children.

Fixed braces

Fixed braces consist of brackets and rings and the patient is unable to remove himself. Use wires that are inserted into the lock, orthodontist gradually creates the perfect arch, while the teeth straight. With fixed braces can treat the vast majority of defects. Fixed braces are difficult to clean and are also sensitive to harsh diet. The duration of treatment is individual and depends on many factors, in practice, it is about a year or two.

Examples of sets:

Fixed appliance - ceramic Fixed appliance - metal Comparison with conventional apparatus ceramic metal


Incognito braces 3D

Incognito ™ invisible braces are designed for those who do not want or can not afford aesthetic reasons conventional locking teeth straightening braces.

Incognito ™ Braces are made of gold and every client tailored and applied to the inside of the teeth. The result of treatment is ideal beautiful smile that not only looks good but helps to keep teeth healthy due to their ease of cleaning.


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