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Dental examinations

For the patient with healthy teeth should visit X-rays performed at least once a year. At the first visit to our clinic will carry out a full tour of X-rays (panoramic digital intraoral or set 16-20). On further examination performed examination usually 4 intraoral radiographs. This technology provides us with detailed images of your teeth and entire mouth. With the help of these images can reveal diseases that may not be obvious to the visual look like tooth decay or abscess, cysts and tumors. With views to X-rays will be able to identify the physician existing disease as well as potential future disease. Rigorously researched gums with a probe. After visiting with you doctor will discuss treatment options, including the payment and time-consuming.

Dental fillings

Dental fillings used to restore damaged teeth. Exclusively use medical supplies such as surgical metal, alloy, plastic or porcelain. Dental fillings are inserted directly into the prepared tooth cavity just visiting. Doctors and patients today have many choices when choosing dental filling material.

Silver amalgam filling

This material is the most used and nejtestovanější dental filling material. This material is highly durable and easy to use, relatively inexpensive. Amalgam withstand high masticatory loads. The disadvantage of amalgam are short-term sensitivity to hot or cold foods. The gray color is so natural amalgam to tooth color.

White composite fillings

Composite fillings are a mixture of glass or quartz associated with resin. This padding provides great durability. The preparation does not need a large grinding tooth doctor thus uses less filler than when amalgam. Rate is too high, mainly depends on the size of fillers and placement techniques.

Ionomers content

Skloionometry the translucent material is a mixture of glass powder and acrylic acid. This material is mainly used to repair the root surfaces.

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